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Blue light filter is the optimum protection against eye strain. Thankfully it is possible to have a good and strong eye even when working at night on a computer. There are dedicated applications which help in filtering the blue light on a computer.

This works most efficiently with windows computer. It is time to know more about such user-friendly software. I have prepared a list of best Blue Light Filter which are free to use on the computer to reduce the screen brightness.

This is the best option for any windows desktop and laptop. Today technology has become visibly advanced. Hence Windows 10 night light is an inbuilt feature in Windows System support: Windows 10 Price: Freeware.

This is yet another blue light filter software for windows system. It is also good as it runs in the background. It keeps your eyes healthy and safe from the blue light. This works very well with windows computer. It is yet another optimum blue light filter. This is a very good software if you want healthy and strong eyes for life. System support: Windows Price: Freeware. Gammy is yet another software which makes it a good option for windows. This is made by Fusco for windows specifically.

It has emerged as a good colour adjustor. System support: Windows. It is yet another blue light window fixing software. Overall, it is a capable web filtering add-on that you should consider if you use the Firefox browser. FoxFilter is another free Firefox browser add-on that works as a web filtering software.

In this add-on, you can block certain websites using their URL links or keywords contained by websites. Plus, a set of ignore phrases can also be added into this add-on so that a blocked keyword contained in the ignore phrase does not lead to website blocking. You can also add a set of Trusted Websites that you do not want to get blocked.

Besides all these features, you can also password protect this add-on so that only authorized users can access and make any changes to this web filtering add-on. After all the modifications, do not forget to save all the changes by pressing the Save Changes Button. This add-on comes with various predefined ublock filters to filter out websites with badware risk , privacy risk , resource abuse , unbreak , malware risk , etc.

Along with predefined filters, it also gives you a dedicated My Filters section in which you can add URL links of websites that you want to block. You can also import a TXT file with website list that you want to block. A whitelist website list can also be maintained in it so that this add-on does not block those websites.

This freeware also has a very comprehensive Settings Section using which you can enable or disable cosmetic filtering , block media element larger than a specified megabyte , block remote fonts , enable or disable pre-fetching , hyperlink auditing , etc. Overall, it is another easy to use Firefox add-on through which you can easily filter out websites and web contents of your choice.

Simple Blocker is the next free web filtering extension for Chrome. It is an easy to use web filtering software which can filter out user-defined websites. In order to specify websites, first, open the extension and enter all the website URL links in the Website Blocklist Field and press the Save Blocklist to start web filtering.

This extension can also filter out websites in incognito mode. One more important feature namely Password Protection is also available in it, using which you can disable unauthorized users to access and change settings of this extension. This extension can also be put to sleep for a specified period of time by entering the time in hours and minutes in its Sleep Timer Filed.

In general, it is a simple and easy to use Chrome extension that can be useful for users who wants a simple and effective web filtering extension. Website Blocker is the next free web filtering extension for Chrome browser. This web filtering extension primarily used to prevent users from distracting websites.

In this extension, you can easily specify all websites that you want to filter out. Plus, you can also set days and time between which you want this extension to filter out websites. This extension also allows you to set a message with blocked websites and when you access a blocked website, then you will view the assigned message.

By default, Password Protection is disabled in this extension, but by going to its Password Section , you can enable password protection. Blocksi Web Filter is one more free web filtering Chrome extension for Windows. Apart from these web filtering features, it also provides an Access Time Section that allows you to set a specific time period within which users can access the internet. In general, it is a very capable web filtering extension as it provides various ways to filter out websites.

FocalFilter is the next free web filter software for Windows. It is mainly a productivity tool that lets you focus on your work by temporarily blocking distracting websites.

To filter distracting websites, you need to manually add links of certain websites in its Edit My Site List Section. With it, you can block websites for a maximum of 12 Hours , after that blocked websites will be unblocked automatically. The main problem with this software is that if Windows gets restarted due to some reason, then all blocked websites get unblocked.

However, it also has some advantages such as: its ability to work with almost all popular web browsers including Chrome , Safari , Firefox , Microsoft Edge , etc. Passionate about tech and science, always look for new tech solutions that can help me and others.

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Free download anti filter for windows 10

Update your Windows version here. Your choice. Filter Wiz Lite is the best choice when the filter specifications Yet another popular Android emulator which is gaining a lot of attention in recent times is MEmu play. Your privacy is protected, it takes just one click to activate the VPN connection and become an online phantom. They want to know what you read and what you click on.


Free download anti filter for windows 10

Anti-Spam Filter is an innovative self-learning system, offering you spam protection without deleting the important correspondence. Anti-Porn · Download. on. Download Anti-filter Blackgram for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop – Step by step guide on How to Download and Install Anti-filter Blackgram latest version on.


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