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September 30, 2022 Posted by: Talha Ismail

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Making the switch from one DAW to another can be tricky too. Ableton for your main DAW. So which one should you choose? What do you need to know to decide and what does it take to learn? While it may seem like there are huge differences from one to the next, many of the core functions are the same between programs. Not only that, many producers learn more than one DAW to stay flexible for different projects and collaborators.

Workflow means the basic process of building tracks in a DAW. There are plenty of different approaches that vary by genre and personal style. On the surface, the single biggest workflow difference between Logic and Ableton is the loop-based sequencing environment in Live called the Session view. On the surface, the single biggest workflow difference between Logic and Ableton lies in the loop-based sequencing environment in Live called the Session view.

Instead of a traditional left-to-right timeline, Session view lets you quickly capture loops and arrange them into patterns and sequences. Clips in the Session view have their own powerful pane of controls—including the famous Warp function that allows you to manipulate tempo and pitch.

If you work with virtual instruments , loops or existing audio, you might find this approach faster and more flexible for creating tracks. While Apple has debuted a loop-based view in the latest release of Logic Pro, it still feels more traditional overall.

For example, the Logic Pro mixer offers a more familiar experience for mixing full songs with features like configurable buses and per-channel EQ. On top of that, you may find traditional timeline operations like level automation easier to perform in Logic. Hot tip : Previous versions of Live lacked staple recording features such as groups and comping. Ableton introduced great versions of these essential tracking tools in the new Live But Logic offers deep MIDI editing capabilities that can be helpful for programming expressive parts.

Its piano roll editor is sophisticated but not too complex for beginners to jump in and get started. On top of that, Logic includes a powerful notation editor that can turn MIDI parts into written music quickly and accurately. Simply click the MIDI Learn icon, select any parameter and move any knob, button or slider on your controller—Ableton will map it automatically! Their signature look and feel also makes these instruments some of the easiest to use, even for beginners.

Ableton Live is well known for its producer-friendly effects and great instruments. For example, Flex Time and Flex Pitch offer audio editing capabilities that typically come with paid software like AutoTune. They can be a lifesaver when it comes to vocal pitch correction and rhythm editing. Logic also comes standard with several virtual instruments built to emulate studio favorites. Rounded out with the the flexible character compressor and new vintage EQ collection, Logic offers a complete set of tools right out of the box.

Both Ableton Live 11 and Logic Pro feature the ability to add a video to the session. This is especially useful for creating soundtrack music or re-editing tracks for sync licensing. Apple is betting big on spatial audio with the introduction of Atmos to Apple Music in Live is a bit more limited in this respect, but Ableton recently released a Surround Panner device for their Max for Live modular environment more on that in a second that helps for mixing in these formats.

Max for Live is an edition of the software built to run inside Live. Even with the high price, Live is still worth every penny. However, Logic Pro is cheaper overall.

Hot tip : Many beginner and intermediate music production products come bundled with an introductory version of Live. Ableton works just as well on either platform, so it might be high on your list if you use a PC for production. When it comes to hardware, Ableton has a handful of specialized controllers that have been developed to let you go hands-on with all its features. It was built by the Ableton team to be the perfect hands-on companion to Live.

Hot tip : Although Live is known for its use in performances, Mainstage is the companion app to Logic that many musicians use as a VST host to perform live. Check out our VST Host breakdown to see how this type of app functions in a live setting. In the end, any DAW you choose is a great start, even if you have to make a change down the road. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content.

Logic vs. Workflow Workflow means the basic process of building tracks in a DAW. This lends itself especially well to playing…live…which is a big benefit to choosing Ableton. Price While features and workflow are certainly important, cost is a big factor at the end of the day.

While features and workflow are certainly important, cost is a big factor at the end of the day. Hardware Finally, there are a few hardware issues to consider as you decide between Logic and Ableton. You’ll like that too. Music Gear.


Ableton vs Logic X CPU test. Not pretty. – replace.me


Logic Pro or Ableton? Ableton first arrived onto the production scene in as a new answer to electronic music production. It stood out because it could be used as a live performance tool just as much as a studio one. Adding effects, automation and experimenting is incredibly quick and easy using Ableton. Huge variety of FX — As well as a bunch of cool virtual instruments, Ableton hosts a wealth of powerful and creative effects. These effects, both for audio and MIDI, are perfect for adding variation and interest to your songs.

Slightly more susceptible to lag — Through our own experience, Ableton can be slightly more prone to lag when recording audio. However, lag can be reduced by making sure unused tracks are frozen and CPU is kept low. Powerful audio recording — Logic is perfect for recording audio into. It has some incredibly powerful, useful and professional-quality plug ins too, to ensure your recorded audio sounds the best it can be.

Beautiful sounding virtual instruments — their built-in, virtual instruments are second to none and sound very close to the real thing. There are loads of parameters you can change within each studio instrument to make it sound just the way you want. Logic is much more geared towards producers who want to record their own audio. Ableton Live Image credit: patches. Found this helpful? Share it with your friends!

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