Xero payroll casual employees – xero payroll casual employees.Understanding online payroll for small business

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Xero payroll casual employees – xero payroll casual employees –

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From the left hand side, select Earnings. Please follow our discussion guidelines. Contact Xero support Raise a case with our support team. I’m wanting to pay include holiday pay each time a casual employee works, and not accrue hours for them. Log In to Answer. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Xero payroll casual employees – xero payroll casual employees –

The difference for Casual employees is that they don’t have any standard hours – 0 hours a day and 0 days a week. Here’s the link You can also find this link by scrolling down to the bottom of a support page and clicking on the Contact Xero Support link.


Xero payroll casual employees – xero payroll casual employees.Set up a casual employee


Cheers, Helen. Log In to Answer. Still have questions? Start a discussion Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Contact Xero support Raise a case with our support team. When setting up the new casual loading earnings rate, you can choose the ‘Multiple of Employee’s Ordinary Earnings Rate’ as the Rate Type. This will prompt Xero to automatically calculate the casual loading rate based off the employees’ Ordinary Earnings Rate.

If this a recurring payment, you can include this casual loading earnings rate to the employee’s Pay Template. This way, the casual loading earnings rate will flow through to every pay run for the employee. Both the employee’s ordinary earnings rate and the casual loading rate would then need to be added to the employee’s pay template to flow through to their payslip.

This is a good response. The next step would be the hours in Casual Loading would automatically mirror the Wages – Hourly Ordinary. Select the Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax rate. See the Inland Revenue website for guidance. Select the employee’s KiwiSaver Status and Contribution option. Bank accounts You can add up to four bank accounts to pay a casual employee. To add an account: Select Payment information. Enter the Account name and Account number.

Enter the statement text to appear in the employee’s bank account. Optional Click Add another bank account if the employee wants to split their pay across bank accounts. By mutual agreement, casual employees can be paid holiday pay Employment NZ website either: Each pay run, or At the end of each agreement Pay employees holiday pay each pay Select Leave.

Select the Include holiday pay in every pay checkbox. Employees with a holiday pay balance If the employee has a holiday pay balance from the previous software system: Select Leave , then click Edit for Holiday Pay. We do pays monthly, and this employee will submit a timesheet through Xero. What is the best way to set up the pay calendar? If I set it up as monthly, there will be many months where they don’t work. Do I just do a monthly pay run, and make their pay zero, or is there another to do this?

Thanks in advance! Therefore, that’s why the holiday pay is paid out every pay run. Therefore if they leave and come back again later it’s just a case of not including them in the payruns when they weren’t there.

The more common issue is for employees to be classified as casual when in fact they are part-time flexible.

This can cause issues in terms of liability for leave. Happy to have a complimentary chat about it. Did you know you can contact Xero directly by logging a support request.


– Xero payroll casual employees – xero payroll casual employees

Hi. You will find it in the employees leave tab, under the title Holiday Pay. Also, for casual employees you must leave the hours per day and. i’m trying to set up a new casual employee. The Employment Tab requires me to fill Days per Week and Hours per Day. But it for Casual, so I don’. I have a causal employee – like REALLY casual. They may do hours one month, and then nothing for two months, then a few hours the next.

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